If you are on the Electoral Roll in the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum area (see expandable map here to check) you will be able to show your support for the first cross-Borough Neighbourhood Plan anywhere in the UK by voting ‘yes’ for the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan on July 6.

You will receive a polling card in the usual way and be able to vote at your usual polling station, with the exception of St Michael’s Primary School, which will be replaced by Highgate School Museum in Southwood Lane. The polling stations will be as follows:

The Highgate Primary School Family Centre in Storey Road;
Jacksons Lane community centre on the Archway Road;
Tudor Close portable centre in the Miltons;
Highgate School Museum on Southwood Lane;
Holly Lodge Community Centre in the Holly Lodge Estate (for Camden voters).

You can also arrange a Postal or Proxy Vote – click these links to the relevant Camden and Haringey webpages to register. Please note that the closing date for applications for Postal Votes is 21 June and for Proxy Votes it is 28 June.

Demonstrate how much you care about Highgate by voting ‘yes’ on July 6 because the Plan:

Has been produced for the community by local community groups and individuals;
Gives you a say in how our community cash (CIL monies) should be spent;
Protects our woods, parks, gardens, allotments and other green spaces;
Supports our high streets and protects our historic buildings and views;
Promotes walking, cycling and public transport;
Lays down planning rules for Highgate across the Borough boundary, including breakthrough new regulations on basements;
Identifies sites to provide affordable housing for ‘down-sizers’ and first time buyers, as well as exciting community projects at The Bowl and the old Highgate overground station.

You can read the full Plan here.

Vote Yes for the Neighbourhood Plan on July 6!

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