The following links are to some of the various pieces of evidence we used or created during the Plan preparation period. Most are self-explanatory in the titles.

Third party reports include:

Haringey Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Camden Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Haringey Open Spaces Strategy

The Camden Green Party’s survey of air quality – Jan 2014

Intra-Haringey bus journeys to work – few East-West journeys in Haringey

BRE EN 15804 life cycle stages applied to demolition proposals


Data or evidence created by the Forum includes ……….

HNF – Age structure – What do we know about Highgate – census data SB20130603 copy

TTP parking survey for Channing – comments SB v2

HNF Census foundation data KS & QS Profile

Local Green Spaces Evidence
The results of the Forum survey of residents conducted in 2012: Highgate Neighbourhood Forum Survey write-up

Road safety and speed in Highgate, March 2016

Crime in Highgate – analysis from 2013

Parking on Highgate Hill and Cromwells – survey results Jun 2014

Comment on parking survey for Richardsons application

Parking in Bisham Gardens – survey

Parking stress in Highgate – survey Feb 2016

Parking survey of High Street and South Grove – Feb 2015

Key facts and stats – one page summary 2013

Highgate HNF model for parking surveys

Land use – a brief note with data

Who lives in Highgate – brief note based on census data

Forum response to Haringey Site Allocations DPD – Feb 2015

Archaeology map and Key to Archaeology map and Archaeology policy matrix

Possible village market – annotated drawing

Cycle ways – existing and proposed 2013

“Sustainability tree” diagram

A summary one-page note produced in the early Plan days setting out what data we might have: A Note about Evidence & Key Data

See also: Evidence collected during early consultation including results from workshops, place checks etc

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