Draft Local Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Spending List

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new tax which local authorities can charge developers to raise funds for the infrastructure needs which arise from new developments. Where a neighbourhood plan is in place, 25% of the CIL monies collected by the Councils must be spent in the area where the development takes place. Camden and Haringey have asked us to identify our priorities for CIL spending in our area, so in January and February 2016 we ran a poll on the many ideas that have been proposed during our work on the Neighbourhood Plan. Here is what you said (in order of popularity):

High priority projects
Shuttle bus linking communities

Enhancing Pond Square

Supporting Waterlow Park

Highgate Bowl Project

Community space at 271 terminus

Trees on North Hill/Archway Road

Facility for young people

Dedicated safe cycleways

Green pockets and corridors

Crossings on Archway Rd/Wellington etc

Playgrounds at Hillcrest/Parkland Walk

Safe cycling learning space

Solar panel and wind turbine schemes

Low Priority
Guerilla gardening

Green walkways

Support for Holly Lodge Community Centre

Signage from Station to Village etc

Make Highgate Station cycle/disabled/pedestrian friendly

Grants for improved shopfronts

Old Highgate Overground Station project

You also added some new ideas:
More investment in Archway Road commercial area

Better street lighting around Holmesdale Road and Langdon Park Road

Improve street furniture and appearance of Archway Road

Establish Highgate farmers’ market

Improve Archway Road shopfronts

Reduce street clutter i.e. signs and IT equipment boxes

Create shared road space on Highgate High Street

Make The Bank ‘access only’ and turn into pedestrian/cycle way with some green planting and seating

More even paving in the High Street and better lighting in Pond Square

Make Pond Square a living, vibrant community asset

Continue C2 up West Hill to connect Highgate to West End

Restore the public toilets in Pond Square

Restore tree in memory of Greenpeace photographer Fernando Pereira in Peace Park

Create pocket parks throughout the HNF area

Refurbish Victorian cast iron lamppost in planter on Hornsey Lane Gardens

Small short stay car park to be included in Highgate Bowl project

Improve pedestrian route up Archway Road at the south end

Introduce Highgate Card for local shops

Support local SMEs

Create one cohesive group organising Highgate events e.g. Fair in the Square, Christmas Lights

Replace street signs at Jacksons Lane/Southwood Lawn Road with ones in keeping with the venue

Additional parking facilities – perhaps connecting shuttle bus with a park and ride facility

Contribute to Lauderdale House Refurbishment fund

Camden CIL spending
Our Camden ward councillors (after consulting with us and our colleagues in the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum) have put forward the following five projects for the first round of CIL spending in Highgate Ward:
1. Investment in Holly Lodge Community Centre
2. Enhancing Pond Square
3. Cycle routes ward wide
4. New signage for Highgate Newtown to include for Cemetery, Library and shops
5. Legible London signage ward wide

Meanwhile, we are meeting Haringey Planning officials to discuss CIL spending in the Haringey Highgate Ward. Watch this space!

3 Responses to CIL list

  1. Sarah Chapman says:

    A playground on the Parkland Walk would be wonderful. What a great idea!
    The area surrounding the HIghgate end of the PW has a lot of families, but we don’t have anywhere in the immediate vicinity for the children to play or families to socialise.
    Looking forward to seeing an update.

  2. david hayhurst says:

    Re: Trees on North Hill/Archway Road, Improve street furniture and appearance of Archway Road, Dedicated safe cycleways, Improve Archway Road shopfronts

    Archway Road to the north and south of Highgate Station is one of the least attractive and heavily trafficked areas in Highgate, which makes it unpleasant for large numbers of pedestrians, cyclists and those of us that live here.
    We are in conservation area, but one could be forgiven thinking that was not the case. The poor state or design of some buildings degrades what is already a poor and seemingly neglected environment. The projects listed above and others like them might go some way to improve the situation – particularly ones that make walking on the noisy narrow pavements a little more pleasant of cycling on the road safer.

    Highgate Court (now under construction) will doubtless have attracted a substantial CIL charge. It would be welcomed if some of that cash were deployed in the immediate environment, where it is sorely needed and some of the new residents of those 85 flats might benefit from it as the walk or ride to work.

  3. Tony Baker says:

    A good list. It would be helpful to include ballpark figures on the cost of each idea and on the sums likely to be available for allocation.

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