Highgate Neighbourhood Plan

The Highgate Neighbourhood Plan was passed at Referendum on July 6, 2017 with an 88% “Yes” vote. It has now been formally adopted by Camden and Haringey Councils.

HNF-Plan-v5_AdoptionVersion-Jun17-FINAL-lores copy

We have been working on our Neighbourhood Plan since January 2013. Over 50 people worked in subject groups to research and write policy and a large amount of material was gathered. In January 2015 and January 2016 we formally consulted on the first and second drafts of our Plan. Since then we have been reviewing the Plan in the light of the many submissions we received and also discussions with Camden and Haringey Councils on their current and emerging planning policies and development site allocations.

The Highgate Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to the London Boroughs of Camden and Haringey in July 2016 (see below). The Councils appointed an Independent Examiner and her Report was delivered in February 2017.

Report on Highgate Neighbourhood Plan (Final)

Her approach to the Plan is neatly summarised by her concluding paragraph:

“I appreciate that the members of the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum have put in considerable time and effort over a number of years to produce the Neighbourhood Plan for Highgate. I commend the Forum and those who have assisted the NP preparation for their hard work and the achievement of a well-structured and readable plan. The Regulation 16 responses reflect a high degree of local support for the NP. Although my report seeks a number of modifications to it, this is unsurprising in view of Highgate’s particular circumstances. The Forum has had a difficult job because the designated area includes parts of two London Boroughs with different adopted and emerging Local Plans. The NP policies, however, must apply equally across all of Highgate. Many of the modifications proposed in my report are designed to ensure that development management decisions will not be unduly delayed or made difficult because of differences in higher level strategic policies.”

The Examiner’s report was accepted by both Councils and there was a Referendum on the Plan on July, 2017.

You can read the documents which lead up to this report by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.

Supporting documents:
Plan Appendix 2 T&T issues
Plan Appendix 3 Schematic to show possible ecological corridors linking green spaces in Highgate
Plan Appendix 5 Camden Local List

We are also required to publish the following documents:

Fig 1 HNF-area-map Revised June 2016

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) (prepared for us by AECOM under the auspices of the Government’s Community Rights Programme).
Highgate Neighbourhood Plan – Environmental Report Summary copy
Highgate Neighbourhood Plan – Environmental Report copy
Highgate Env Report Reg 16 FINAL
Highgate Env Report NTS Reg 16 FINAL

Highgate Neighbourhood Plan Basic Condititons Statement

HNP Consultation Statement
CS Appendix 1 Application to become a Neighbourhood Area from Highgate NF
CS Appendix 2 Early Community Engagement
CS Appendix 3 street engagement
CS Appendix 4 Summary of issues during Pre-Submission Consultation 2015
CS Appendix 5 – Submissions from organisations January 2015
CS Appendix 6_ Schedule of representations January 2015 – ALL website comments at 150323
CS Appendix 7 summary of issues during second Pre Consultation Engagement 201516
CS Appendix 8_ Schedule of representations, December 2015 – February 2016 – Sheet1
CS Appendix 9  Schedule of Key Submissions Feb16Forumresponses
CS Appendix 10 LBC LBH response to Highgate Neighbourhood Plan

Camden and Haringey Councils formally consulted on the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan in November 2016 and received the responses in the following document:
Representations 20 Dec
All the above documents were examined by an Independent Examiner and her first response is below:
Examiner Letter Highgate NP
As requested in her letter, the Forum responded to the Councils, TfL and Thames Water (below):
HNF response to Councils, TfL, Thames Water Comments
This was the Examiner’s response:
Highgate NP Guidance Note 2 12 16

The Examiner required the Councils and the Forum to agree a Statement of Common Ground published here: Highgate SOCG 19 01 2017

The Examiner also asked for further information on the changes required to KS3 the Highgate Bowl due to the amendments required by the Inspector of Haringey’s Local Plan:
Amendments to KS3


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