TfL is consulting on moving the 271 bus stand from the centre of Highgate village and, if this happens, it will free up space on the edge of Pond Square and South Grove. If you have any ideas about how this area should be used, we’d like to hear about them. There may be opportunities to change the traffic flow, perhaps create a shared carriageway/community space (that could include a small weekend market), possibly have more trees and planting, or perhaps you’d like to see things kept as they are. Please could you use the comments box at the foot of the page and let us know.


4 Responses to 271 bus stand

  1. Odie says:

    As a North Hill resident the last thing I want is another double decker sitting in traffic belching fumes with passengers staring in my 1st floor bedroom windows.
    Leave the 271 where it is or terminate it down in Archway. The snail pace the 271 takes up Highgate Hill is ridiculous, it’s actually much quicker to walk and far less frustrating. Surely the 143 service can be made much more frequent to take up the service of the 271.
    Why can the pedestrian crossing on Southwood Lane and the high street (which is dangerous) move down to allow easier crossing to the 271 if one of the issues is safety? Why can a set of lights not be put in to allow the buses to pull out from the stand safely and easily?
    Also I have to say I am very much fed up with the amount of roadworks we have had to endure already over the past year or so. The mayhem, road rage, noise and pollution each project has created is just too tiresome and now this crazy proposal is going to drag us all into it again for who knows how long.
    I am all for progress if it has a purpose but I fail to see any purpose to this project except to beautify. People are not being run over by speeding buses but our lives are at risk every day on the pedestrian crossings by speeding or impatient drivers that do not stop.
    Fix the traffic, not the buses and try to make Highgate better for its residents not drivers trying to get from point A to B as fast as possible with total disregard to what should be a great neighbourhood!

  2. Al says:

    Can’t wait to get rid of that bus stand will also help traffic and safety. Somewhere for people to sit, some stalls, small outside coffee place, farmers market

  3. Michelle Everitt says:

    I think its is fine where it is. Surely not a priority to spend money on this in times of austerity? The proposal to move to North Road/North Hill seems dangerous given numbers of children moving about.

  4. Susan Rogers says:

    A decent fruit and veg stall.
    An area for small weekend market.
    Planting for bees.

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