The list of nominees, the AGM agenda and Treasurer’s Report can be found here
The Chair’s Report will be posted shortly.

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2 Responses to Find out who has been nominated for the new Forum Committee

  1. Maria Jennings says:

    Hi Maggy,

    You’ll remember that my original email about my eligibility sent to you in March to faced an email glitch and received no reply but we managed to speak before the AGM.

    You seem to have accidentally left me off the list of nominees. Also, the AGM minutes don’t show that I’ve been elected to the committee.

    Could this please be corrected?

    Many thanks


    • Maggy Meade-King says:

      Hi Maria – just found this while going through comments on website – not a good way to communicate as it was hidden amongst 100 spam emails! I have already added you to the list of Committee on the website You weren’t mentioned in this post as you weren’t in the original list of nominees).

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