The Forum in Numbers

Highgate ……..

  •         has 18,100 residents in 8,100 households
  •         about 3,300 under 20s and 3,300 over 60s
  •         has more road (11% of area) than domestic buildings (9%)
  •         is over ½ owner occupiers, and ⅓ rent privately
  •         residents own more than 7,000 cars
  •         covers about 4.8m sq metres (= a dozen golf course or 700 football pitches)
  •         area reported 1,600 crimes in the last year, one for every five households
  •         gained 1,800 people, a 10% increase, in the last decade
  •         has overseas roots – 3 out of ten are born overseas
  •         looks green – 27% of it is garden and 44% green space
  •         schools have over 3,000 pupils
  •         with anti-social behaviour and vehicle crime topping the list
  •         has about 1000 residents aged over 75 and 140 over 90


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