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Welcome to the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum

If you live or work in the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum plan area then you are a member of the Forum.  In 2012, some local residents and elected councillors decided to set up the Forum to create the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan.  In 2017 that plan was agreed by a local referendum of registered voters living in the plan area.

Our AGM takes place at Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill, N6 5HG on 7th June at 7.30pm.  Speakers from each political party with elected councillors in the plan area have been invited.  Sian Berry, Councillor and London Assembly Member for the Green Party.  Bob Hare, Councillor for the Liberal Democrats.  Camden Labour Party have been asked for a speaker to represent their elected councillors.

There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions of your local councillors, and a chance to meet Forum members over refreshments at the end of the meeting.  Your are warmly invited to our 2018 AGM on the 7th June as a member of the Forum.

Spring in Highgate

A message from our Chair about the Forum and upcoming events in the area.


Back in January 2012, amenity groups, residents’ organisations and individuals in Highgate, supported by all our Councillors, decided to set up a Forum to make full use of the provisions of the Localism Act.  Later that year, in May, our Inaugural AGM adopted our Constitution and elected our first Committee. On 17 and 18 December, 2012, respectively, Camden and Haringey Councils approved our applications to be a Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum.

Finding out about Highgate

We began by asking people what they thought about our neighbourhood. Check out the Your Views page to find out what Highgate people told us they liked and didn’t like about our area and the Placecheck page to see what we found as we looked at Highgate with fresh eyes. Our Evidence pages give an idea of the other data we have gathered.

Further community engagement and consultation included two Community Planning Workshops, facilitated for us by the Prince’s Foundation. Check out their final report on our work.

The Neighbourhood Plan

Thereafter, our Plan groups analysed and developed the ideas that came in and formulated a Neighbourhood Plan. This includes the planning policies envisaged by the Localism legislation but also takes a much more holistic view of the future of our neighbourhood.

The Highgate Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Camden and Haringey Councils in July 2016 and they appointed an Independent Examiner to check it conformed to national, London and Borough plans. Read the Examiner’s Report.

The Plan was passed by a referendum of local voters on July 6, 2017. It is now part of the Local Authorities’ Local Plans and will govern future planning decisions in Highgate.

This site is a point of information, consultation and a resource for all who are or want to be involved. Explore the site and come back to see how ideas are developing. Please contact us if you live or work in Highgate and would like to be an active part of the Forum or want to know more.

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